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1.  Distill / de ' stil / verb to extract the essence or most important aspects of

2.  Essence / ˈesəns / noun the indispensable quality of, especially when it determines character


Within every distillation run, the distillate is divided into three cuts - foreshots, hearts, feints. It is the second cut - a unique balance of late-foreshots and early-faints - that determines the character and defines the essence of the heart which is aged to become whiskey. Like the heart, we strive to find the essence that determines character and distill this to create truly unique events.



We specialize in corporate event planning and management services that deliver one-of-a-kind, experiential events. Whether you are a marketing manager in charge of corporate events (along with seven other equally-pressing responsibilities), a sales director looking for a way to plus up your pipeline and accelerate your sales cycle, or a startup looking to establish your brand and build thought leadership within your industry, our events are designed to help you achieve your business goals.


Understanding your vision, objectives and measurable outcomes, we design strategies that produce unforgettable and unexpected, experiential events.


From conception to completion - and everything in between - we partner with you to provide a range of event management services that deliver truly unique events.  


Telling the story of your brand, product or business we captivate your audience with innovative topics, insightful speakers, and interactive agendas to amplify your message.

Big Boulder Conference

Big Boulder Conference

Boulder, Colorado

Twitter Flock Roadshow

Twitter Flock Roadshow

Berlin, Germany

Big Boulder Workshop

Big Boulder Workshop

New York, New York

Big Boulder Meetup

Big Boulder Meetup

Chicago, Illinois

Twitter Flight Conference

Twitter Flight Conference

San Francisco, California


Chris Moody

VP & GM of Data & Enterprise Solutions

 "Bre is simply the best. We've worked
on countless events together over the
last 5 years and each event has
been planned and executed flawlessly.
She sets high goals for each event
and then exceeds them by being
strategic in her planning and
extremely detailed-oriented in her
execution. I couldn't recommend
her more highly!"

Mark Josephson

CEO at Bitly

"Bre's unique approach to content development ensures we get to talk about industry goals, elevating traditional conferences beyond a simple marketing initiative to driving actionable business insights. With captivating topics, insightful speakers and well-vetted attendees, Bre helped cultivate the ideal environment to make connections and engage one-on-one with industry leaders."

Prashant Sridharan

VP of Marketing at Segment

"Bre stepped in to lead three international events that were at risk of failing. In just four weeks, she planned and seamlessly executed all three, collectively serving over 1,200 attendees while managing 21 speakers, 13 international vendors, and more than 40 distributed internal staff members. The events produced an overall Net Promoter Score of 81, and if that wasn't enough, she made it look easy."



At Distilled Events, we create experiential events that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression and be the talk of your industry for years to come. Always striving to be on the cutting-edge, our promise is to create unique, one-of-a-kind events that feature experiences and personal touches that
you - and your attendees - have never seen before.


Homegrown in the foothills of colorful Colorado, Distilled Events was founded on the guiding principle - do what you love, love what you do. Hi, I’m Bre Brasseal, founder and Master Event Distiller, responsible for distilling this passion-meets-profession principle into everything we do. With more than ten years of experience in event planning, I have done it all - from being a one-woman events team for several local tech startups to running global events for one of the world’s largest social media platforms, Twitter. In addition to flawlessly executed events that drive business results, I have an adoration for playing guitar, all things with wagging tails, and of course, WHISKEY!


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